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Welcome to BrightWhites! I'm Brigitte. I'm a dentist, wife, and mother. I treat a lot of mommies and babies at my family dental practice in Northern Virginia, just a few miles outside of Washington, DC. I studied Public Policy at Princeton University and attended dental school at the University of Pennsylvania. I've always loved to write and I started this journey to share my mommy adventures. In the mix of raising a bilingual child to brush and floss, I hope you also get to know some of my interests and passions. 

As a mother to a toddler, I know it's tough work to get kids to brush their teeth! I created BrightWhites to provide growing families with oral care tools to aid them throughout pregnancy and their child's development. Our site features oral care instructional guides for mom, baby, and child as well as product reviews and children's books


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  1. Hi, I found your lifestyle blogg accidentaly through mutual friend on Facebook. I was first interested in useful advices for kids teeth since my 4years daughter now starts with "don't like to brush my teeth, not again", but then I read almost all the articles. Nice style of writing as well choice of the topics :-)
    Funny for me when I realized that I'm coming from the same city as your husband (but I dont beleive we know each other, although he looks a bit familiar to me) but I live now in Oslo, is indeed global village.
    So just continue with these nice posts :-) Pozdrav, Jelena P.

    1. Wow! Yes, the world is definitely a global village! It is wonderful to be connected and I am so happy for your kind feedback on the blog! I hope the tips are helpful for your family and that your daughter grows to enjoy brushing and flossing her teeth. Thanks so much for following! Pozdrav

  2. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Great Site and even better practice! Thank you for all your help getting my smile in order!


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