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Science Discovery with Learning Resources

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set

"Mommy, can we do the experiment?" My son is super charged about making potions and mixing solutions with his new Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set! The kit is brilliantly designed for science beginners and really sparks curiosity for discovery.
The 12 piece collection includes a beaker, flask, magnifying glass, eyedropper, safety glasses, tweezers and test tubes. Plus there are 10 activity cards to show you how to combine colors, add and extract materials, and even launch a volcano!

Get your kiddo excited about science and discovery with the Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set. Let us know which activity is your favorite!

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  1. Awesome. This is true that students always learn practically and hope that using these techniques, students will be able to learn best knowledge of science.

  2. Matthew NorrisJuly 14, 2017

    Yes, I completely agreed with the fact that science discovery with learning and resources, to prove a particular thing we need to do some practical which includes learning, discovery, implement, and resources. Practical knowledge among students can improve their personal skills and create career opportunities for them. So we can say that through learning students are able to develop their career goals and implement the things in the right place.
    Learning Skills


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