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20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

Thank you Brittany Bertuzzi at for passing the mic! This challenge to share 20 things about myself that people may not know was definitely not easy, but here we go! 

1. I am the second oldest of 🔢 sisters 👩👩👩👩 and I was named after Brigitte Bardot (my mom was watching one of her films right before she went into labor).

2. I was born in Philadelphia but I've lived on 3 different continents 🌎🌏🌍 and have traveled to 20 different countries. 

3. When I was ten years old, my family moved to Omiya City, Japan 🇯🇵 and my sisters and I attended a Japanese public school 🎒 for a whole year. Maybe that's why my favorite type of food is Asian Fusion and I love wasabi!

4. My first 2 vinyl records were the "Annie" soundtrack and Micheal Jackson's Thriller (my older sister and I used to play them on our Fisher Price record player) but my first cassette tape was Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 🎤 and she is by far, my all-time favorite pop star! 

5. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years 🏊 My prime was the backstroke. (I don't miss those 5:30 am ⏰ practices before school!)

6. My mother is a bilingual educator 👩🏫 and commanded us to learn Spanish. So glad that I did because I use it every single day, just as she predicted!

7. As kids, most of our pets were reptiles. We had a 20 ft Boa 🐍 named Noah! 

8. My favorite doll was my Business Barbie 💼 Of course, she had a pink suit and a white hat with a pink polk-a-dot bow 🎀 around it! 

9. My favorite candy 🍭 is Starburst and I still go back and forth favoring pink over red 🍓🍒 but I eat more chocolate now that I know it dissolves faster on your teeth!

10. The first movie 🎬 I saw in a theater was ET (Extra Terrestrial). My dad always reminds me that I was so scared that cried the whole way 😰 through with my hands covering my eyes!

11. I love comedies, especially romantic comedies! My favorite comedian 🎭 is Eddie Murphy and my favorite movie 🎟 is Boomerang!

12. My first car was a 1985 Volkswagen GTI 🚗 It was a stick shift so I had to learn how to drive a standard! 

13. Dentistry 😁 is my third career, following my roles as a music industry executive and newspaper columnist!

14. I've always enjoyed creative writing. In high school, I wrote poetry ✍🏽 about everything under the sun. My favorite poets are Langston Hughes and Nikki Giovanni. Years later, I even started a Greeting Card company to house my poems. I incorporated and everything but never went to print 

15. My favorite author is Toni Morrison 📚 and I love every journey, every character, every struggle, and every triumph. I also get a rush when I hear her natural spoken voice. She's so eloquent and poised. 

16. As a teen, I was fanatic about Hip Hop 🎧 culture! I once cut school and took Amtrak 🚅 to NYC to hang out with The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest and Common! (I literally just told my mom just last month!)

17. One of my favorite rap albums 🎼 is Low End Theory and the first rap song I ever memorized was "Check the Rhyme" by A Tribe Called Quest. (RIP Phife Dawg 😔)

18. My first job out of college was at MTV 👩🎤 in Times Square. I worked in law and business affairs, and I drafted contracts for everything from lighting 💡productions to VIP arrangements!

19. New York City 🗽 is the greatest city in the world! I've lived in Harlem, the Bronx, Long Island and Brooklyn. So, it's no surprise that my favorite TV series 📺 is Sex and the City 💋

20. One of things I enjoy most about dentistry is that it grants opportunities to meet all kind of interesting patients, especially in Washington, DC 🏛 I've had the honor of providing treatment for a sitting US Supreme Court Justice, a former Sec of Defense, and a French Army Commander.

That's all folks! I challenge you to share 20 fun facts about yourself. You might be surprised, this task turned out to be a lot of fun!  


  1. #10 LOL I was literally just talking to Tim about this today. I watched it as a kid and remember thinking it was a horror movie. I was terrified!
    P.S. Yay for being bilingual!

    1. Aha! ET phone home! Such a great film---I love when they fly across the moon mirage! Thanks for following!


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