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4 Tips to Fight the Stomach Flu

Last week the stomach flu knocked down our door! The virus always seems to come out of nowhere and when it hits the symptoms are just miserable. Luckily, there are ways to help provide relief and prevent the ugly bug from staying around too long!

1. Hydrate. Drinking adequate amounts of liquids is always important and especially in times of diarrhea and vomiting, it is necessary to replenish those lost fluids. Still water may induce nausea, so try mineral or carbonated beverages. Low sugar Gatorade is also good for replenishing electrolytes.
2. Light Fare. Keep something on your stomach that's not heavy, acidic, or spicy. Saltines are good as a bland snack with high starch. The starch works to absorb stomach acid and relieve nausea.

3. Disinfect. Spray down the halls, mop all the floors, and launder soiled clothes. Kids bring home everything and adults are sticky too. Don't forget that hand washing is the first step to preventing the spread of germs.

4. Rest. We're all deprived of sleep and working long hours. When you get sick, it becomes imperative to take the time rest your body and recharge! Resting gives your body a chance to repair cells and fight infection.

Sometimes, a virus arrives when you least expect it but following these simple steps can shorten the stay of this unwanted visitor.