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3 Travel Items to Make Your Trip More Relaxing

This winter, our family has done quite a bit of traveling. My husband is super organized when it comes to packing and also very resourceful about finding good flight deals. I'm always packing up until the last minute and really enjoy the excitement of getting my wardrobe and fun travel items in order. When it comes to preparing for boarding, these are my top three must have items:

Travel Duffel Tote

1. Oversized Travel Bag. There are so many versions of my oversized canvas travel duffel tote, which is perfect size for a carry on as well as weekend bag. When it comes to handling the long lines at check-in, security, and customs, a large duffel tote is the best way to store your laptop, books, snacks, and other crucial items.  

2. Comfortable Footwear. My Adidas Neo Super Wedges have the softest soles. The classic black and white color scheme make them both stylish and still basic enough to go with any outfit.

3. Travel Apps. Smart devices have made modern travel much more manageable. Whether you want to check your flight's status, local weather reports, hotel deals, or news in the region, your updates are just finger clicks away.

What's on your travel list?


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