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Workout from Home with OnlineGym4Me

Ok, ok, not to interrupt the holiday cheer but the New Year is just around the corner and we all know that fitness is at the top of our list of resolutions. Whether it's that pregnancy weight or the stuffed fun from the holidays, getting in shape is a priority for most of us. Before pregnancy, I used to run five miles a day (yikes!) and I was very careful about maintaining a low sugar diet (where has that woman gone?). Once my son arrived, my fitness regimen went into hibernation mode and I've struggled with many a sweet temptations from the kiddie aisle (read more about my trip to Candyland in my post Food, Glorious Food!). My long work days and commute make it almost impossible to get to the gym during the week and I'm sure many of you can relate. Thankfully, my super fit husband has encouraged me to find a way to workout at home and I'm so excited to have teamed up with the fantastic OnlineGym4Me to offer all of our readers a one year free subscription to their streamed gym access. is a computer accessible gym with daily live and on-demand workouts. Users can choose from more than 200 live and recorded classes in general training, yoga, aerobics, as well as pilates to exercise from the comfort of their home, hotel room, office, or any other preferred location. Featured in Vogue magazine, OnlineGym4me makes exercising convenient, effective, affordable, and fun. All you need is a little space, a laptop, and an internet connection. There's even an app for both iOS and Android devices. The classes are well structured and organized, which is great for all levels of experience. What I enjoy most about OnlineGym4Me is that it makes it so simple to get that workout in without the stress of extra time away from home. Click here to get your free yearly code and start getting in shape today! 

*Many thanks to OnlineGym4Me for sponsoring this post! Let's all get fit and stay healthy in the New Year! 


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  3. I have decided to join gym to loss my weight.Is it a good decision or not?
    I read your your whole article and found some nice tips which help me a lot.
    I need to burn my calories and make my excellent would you please
    suggest me to go gym or not?

    1. I definitely recommend some form of regular fitness. Working out is an important part of maintaining good health! Best of luck!

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