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My Favorite Baby Brands

It seems like yesterday that I was organizing my baby registry. There are so many fun things to choose and lots of items that will make life with a new baby more manageable. With pregnant friends, family members, and coworkers asking me for tips, I decided to make a list of my favorites baby brands.

Baby Registry

1. My Skip Hop Signature Diaper Bag was everything! Would you believe that I only had one diaper bag and that Hubby loved it too! The Skip Hop diaper bags not only come with ample pockets, a diaper pad and detachable zip pouch, but are also designed to secure to your stroller handles for easy maneuvering. Skip Hop products grow with your child. My little guy enjoys mealtime with his Skip Hop Zoo dining ware and flying overseas was fun with his Skip Hop Zoo rolling luggage.

2. Speaking of strollers...our Hauck Malibu All in One was brilliant for car seat, baby carrier, bassinet, and toddler upright transport. The stroller even comes with a diaper caddy. The light aluminum frame is easy to fold and the five point safety harness and swivel wheel locks make it a winner. Hauck accessories are designed to keep your little bundle safe and cozy when you're on the go.

3. A friend surprised us with a set of Dr. Brown's Baby Bottles. Designed by a physician, these bottles allow for vacuum free feeding to reduce colic. Dr. Brown's accessories help make nursing and   feeding easier for mommy and baby.

4. Our First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub was perfect for our baby's first bath and through the toddler years. The mesh sling attachment is padded to keep your little one safe and secure. As he grows, the ergonomic design makes bath time easy. First Years products are smartly designed for the challenges of bringing up baby. The Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups are great for the early years. (Note: straws help reduce dental cavity risk because they prevent pooling.)

5. I've lost count of the many Fisher-Price items that we've collected. Our Luv You Zoo High Chair was super easy to clean and kept our little guy comfy and entertained for hours. Here's a similar style. Their smartly designed toys are great for your child's development and you may remember from older posts that the Crawl Around Car is another one of my favorites.

6. Carter's Zip-Up Sleep & Play was a staple in our first little wardrobe. When it comes to baby clothes, the softness of Carter's is wonderful. There are so many different designs to suit your baby's budding personality. Whether it's onesies, jumpsuits, or 3-piece sets, you're sure to dress to impress with Carter's.  

7. The Baby Bjorn Carrier suited us during travel and also at home. I really liked that Hubby was able to cradle our son with ease on short trips to the market or just a bit of fresh air. Known best for the carrier, Baby Bjorn makes many other products to help you in your journey as parents.

Parenting is a process, but success is a product of preparation. What items are on your list for baby?


  1. What a great post! Perfectly timed for me personally since I'm working on my baby essentials list now. We already have #1,4,&7. I'll def be referencing this list for the other items we still need. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Congratulations Thamar! Building your baby list is such a fun and exciting time! Baby Blessings

  3. Thanks Jerin! Happy Shopping for Baby!

  4. Great post and love it.

  5. This is a nice post. Actually we have to buy for our baby which is their daily needs. Baby feeder, Safety jumper and kids diaper is very essential product for baby.

    1. Thank you Juliette! Yes, diapers were definitely our biggest baby indulgence. We had success with Pampers from the swaddlers up through training pants!

  6. Choosing a suitable baby brand means, we should pick the best baby products for our baby. It consists of several kinds of essential baby products that include, baby diapers, baby clothes, baby trolley, baby shoes, and many other baby products. As a parent, it is our duty to choose best and safe baby products for our babies.

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