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Fun Things for Kids to do in DC | National Zoological Park

Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Lions, and tiger, and bears, oh my! The Smithsonian National Zoo was a great location to meet-up with family before we left Washington, DC on our winter vacation. Unfortunately, Bei Bei, the Giant Panda, wasn't seeing visitors but that didn't keep us from learning some fun facts about her fellow mammals and other zoo mates.

Originally classified as racoons, The Red Panda has been genetically found to exist in its own distinct family of animals. Sharing many of the eating habits of the Giant Panda, the Red Panda is a beautiful and engaging creature.

Also along the Asia Trail, we spotted the Fishing Cat, whose long claws are perfect fishing hooks and is most appropriately dressed in a double coated water-resistant fur.

The National Zoo is a wonderful space for learning and outdoor fun. Connecting the exhibits are several monuments honoring the prehistoric to the amphibians like this statue titled, "Hop To It!" 

The Elephant Barn is a must see exhibit at the National Zoo. These highly intelligent animals are fun to watch as they engage in outdoor and indoor pools, trails, and other conservatory spaces.

We wrapped up our tour just in time for ZooLights, the eco friendly illumination of the park powered by Pepco. This free event is a brilliant attraction for the whole family and runs weekends and evenings throughout the winter holiday season. For more information about the National Zoological Park, visit