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Pretty in Pink | Things to Like

Ok, I've hinted at this before and today because it's Friday, I'm saying it loud and proud, "I'm an 80's kid!" I grew up without cell phones and email. I actually had to go check books out at the library and look facts up in hard copy encyclopedias. I didn't start shopping online until I was out of college. Even though we didn't have the World Wide Web, the 80's were pretty cool when it came to fashion. Big hair, fluorescents, and gummy bracelets were in style. If you want to see 80's style at it's best, rent the John Hughes love flick Pretty in Pink. It's one of my all time favorite movies and the amazing soundtrack will melt your heart!

Pretty in Pink

Now that we've set the mood, here are some cool modern finds to look Pretty in Pink:

1. Olivia and Joy Zip Zoom Dual Handle Tote. I have this bag in green and it's perfect for work or running around with my little guy. The many compartments are great for stashing toys, snacks, and everything else! $44.99

2. H&M Pink and Gold Glittered Wristwatch. Just the right accent for a movie date or office party, this super cute watch is an unequivocal flirty accessory. $17.99

3. Old Navy Hi-Low Textured Sweater. The color is Pink a Boo, need I say more? Oh, it's on sale too! $14

4. Old Navy Faux-Leather Wristlet. Free up your pockets and your hands with this cute pouch! $8