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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles | Holiday Gift Guide

Kids Holiday Gift Guide
Last night, as soon as I arrived home from work, my three-year-old asked me to build the firetruck from his 900+ piece Lego City Fire Station. I hadn't even taken off my coat before he started chanting, "Come on Mom! Build the firetruck!" He had the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas and persisted even after I suggested a puzzle instead. I had no choice but to oblige but as I scanned the manual looking for a starter piece, I was relieved to read that this Lego item is recommended for kids ages 6-12. As the holidays approach, I'm sure many of you are trying to figure out what to put on your gift lists. Since my little guy is super passionate about everything with wheels and engines, here are some vehicles we're circling for Black Friday sales:

1. Classic Train Set. My grandfather was a porter for the US Railroad so trains are also very dear to my heart. Your kids will love this 3 car set because it has actual headlights, puffs smoke, and produces realistic sounds! All Aboard! $22.95

2. NASCAR Race Car. The replica Goodyear tires aren't the only thing that make this Dale Earnhardt Jr. classic a collectible. It's casted from an official NASCAR die! $7.44

3. Red 1955 Chevy Pick-Up. A history lesson and a toy in one! This fun collectible toy truck has doors that open and a fun pull back to drive it forward. $10.98

4. Pottery Barn Planked Panels. A Wish List item for the whole family, these rustic pieces bring character and charm to your home. Unfortunately, the train panels are not available but the planked plane designs are great for playrooms or living spaces. $99/299 (save 20% this weekend with code: FRIENDS).

5. Disney Fire & Rescue Plane. Just like the movie, the plane toys are ready for action and built to perform fun flying tricks and maneuvers. The leadbottom and yellow wing detail will get the attention of everyone in the room! $5.99

6. Dream Factory Trucks Tractors Cars Comforter Set. This 5 piece set is full of all the vehicles found on farm roads, city streets and in blue skies. Machine washable, the set can be mixed with infinite combinations of matching room decor. $49.19

What toys are you eyeing for your kiddo's stocking?