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3 Fun Things to do in Amsterdam


Amsterdam was an awesome weekend trip for us when we were living in Germany! The Dutch capital is the home of notable artists and headquarters of some of the world's largest companies. It's also a center of cultural diversity and centered around 100 km of canals. This list of attractions is also wide and long but here are three fun things to do if you make the trip.

Van Gogh

1. The Van Gogh Museum. The many still life and self-portraits of the famous Post-Impressionalist painter will move you to inspiration. Considered a failure by many in his lifetime of only 37 years, Vincent Van Gogh created masterpieces that will have any audience emotionally seized by his deep concept of color.

2. The Singel Canal. The center canal of the spectacular design of concentric waterways that characterize Amsterdam, the Singel Canal is lined by beautifully decorated houses. Also a popular site for adult entertainment, the homes with red-lit windows clearly signify the famous The Red-Light district. Whether it's enjoying Indonesian cuisine or admiring the historic Dutch architecture, the Singel Canal is a must see.

3. The Heineken Experience. Beer lovers and historians alike will enjoy touring this original brewing site for the popular Dutch pilsner. The super fun lessons in beer manufacturing include a walk through the company's history, composition of ingredients, recommended pouring technique, and sampling. The tour also includes high tech visual reviews of how the Heineken brand has grown into a household name through advertising in film, television, and print. Amsterdam is a place of rich culture and global significance. The scenes of tulips that line the city's entrance will draw you in and its golden legacies will make sure you return.