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Members Only | Not Just Your Dad's Jacket

Members Only Jackets Women

When I was a kid, my dad sported a business style trench coat during the week and a classic black jacket on the weekends. He had two of these black jackets. The lightweight one was for fall and spring, and the thicker lined one was worn in winter. My dad has never been super stylish but his Iconic Members Only jacket was actually a staple wardrobe item for men back then. Debuted in 1980 for $55, it was actually advertised in a controversial campaign to promote anti-drug and pro-vote initiatives but the style was well received by many. My sisters and I were definitely surprised to discover that the Members Only brand has since evolved to include looks for women and is even incorporated into the trendy fashion lines of Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters.

Popular Looks for Him

Members Only Jackets Men

1. Original Iconic Racer in Black  $57.50
2. Men's Ma-1 Bomber Jacket in Olive $79.45
3. Washed Faux Leather Baseball Jacket $71.84
4. Iconic Racer in Gray $59.00

It might be the fact that the jacket is embedded in the fond memories of my childhood but it's kind of cool to see the classic look all around and in real time.