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Apple Smiles | Fun Halloween Recipes

Trick or treat? Did you know that an apple a day really can keep the doctor away? Considered nature's toothbrush, the hard crisp fruit can actually help reduce plaque build-up. They release malic acid to stimulate salivary flow, which helps reduce cavity risk. Apples are tasty treats and this fun recipe will definitely add smiles to your Halloween Party!


  • Red Delicious Apples. 3 per group of 5 people
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. (Substitute with peanut butter, as desired.)
  • Lemon 
  • Mini Marshmallows


  • Slice apples. An apple slicer is recommended as it is quick and easy to use.
  • Sprinkle lemon juice on apple slices to slow them from browning. (Skip this step if serving immediately.) 
  • Lightly apply hazelnut chocolate spread or other edible adhesive to each apple slice.
  • Line mini marshmallows along every other slice to resemble teeth and join with another.
  • Carefully arrange on plate or serving platter. 

Apple smiles are healthy and fun for kids as well as adults. What snacks are you planning to use to give your party guests a scare?