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Simple Ideas for Baby Nursery Decor

It seems like yesterday when my husband and I were in baby prep mode! Preparing for a new bundle was an exciting but stressful time. Waddling around in the middle of a snowy German winter wasn't easy (read more about how I worked up until my due date) but at the same time I can't remember feeling so joyfully excited! I probably hadn't felt that kind of excitement since I was a little kid---a kid on Christmas Eve.

I read books, magazines, blogs, and took recommendations from mothers, aunts, and friends. Yet, there really wasn't any perfect advice for how to prepare for a baby. When it came to decorating the nursery, I was all over the place. Once I ordered a safe and sturdy crib, I couldn't figure out what to place on the walls and what types of images would be stimulating but at the same time calming for the baby.
I had never really done any interior design or taken art classes for that matter, but back in college I babysat for a super creative mother. I really admired the safari theme that she applied to her son's nursery and brought into play for his first birthday party. When I started scrolling through images online, I found a wide selection of choices by the Lambs and Ivy company.

From butterflies and owls, cars and planes, to Snoopy and Hello Kitty, there are plenty of options to spark your Mommy design eye. Not only do they offer a huge variety of themes and colors, but so many ways to mix and match bedding, window treatments, wall decor, and accessories. I combined quilt and crib sheets from the All-Star collection with Safari wall art and wall applique from the Safari Express designs. Decorating your baby nursery is a fun time and one you'll cherish like the place it fills with many memories. What type of nursery theme do you have in mind?

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