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September 18, 2016

Fun Things for Kids to do in DC | US Botanic Garden

US Botanic Garden
These first couple of weeks back to school have been a bit trying for my little guy. A new teacher, a mandatory uniform, and new classroom rules have him dragging his feet in the morning. On Friday, realizing that my regular bag of tricks wasn't getting us any closer to the door, I bribed my three year-old to get dressed with a promise to take him to see the bugs at the Botanic Garden. "Bugs! I want to see the bugs!" He cheered all the way to school.
US Botanic Garden
Butterflies, bees, ants, and spiders aren't the only reasons to visit the United States Botanic Garden. Free admission and the many special events and programs are just a few more. Plus, its adjacent location to the US Capitol makes it easily accessible by car and public transportation.
US Botanic Garden
Of course, the outdoor Children's Garden is our favorite exhibit. Perfect for late summer, a visit to the colorful garden sparks imagination and an opportunity for hands on learning. Designed for children to explore the plants and how to care for them, the space has gardening tools and allows kids to water the plants.
Hibiscus Plant
The different collections of the Conservatory will brighten up your day. Leaving the watering garden led to a mini-meltdown, but it was luckily short-lived once we entered the Tropics and became captivated by the beauty of the Hibiscus.
US Botanic Garden
The domed rainforest is a feature in itself and was fun to tour as we learned about the different characteristics and origins of the many jungle plants from far away places like Brazil and Madagascar.   
US Botanic Garden
We did manage to find a few bugs but our day out with nature also gave us enthusiasm to get back to the classroom. Are you interested in taking your child to see the Botanic Garden? Click here for more information.

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