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Defining Your Mommy Style

What came first, the chicken or the egg? I must admit, I've always been more sporty than posh. I swam competitively for ten years as a child, which meant wet hair and chlorine scented clothes. Swimming before and after school was tough but it taught me so many important life lessons. It helped me learn how to balance heavy loads of schoolwork with a full set of extracurricular activities and it even gave me international exposure to athletic culture in Japan and Sweden.

From early childhood, my parents sacrificed to give me and my sisters lessons in tennis and dance as well as swimming and all memories of our family vacations are highlighted by six bicycles mounted on top of our station wagon. Athletics have always been a large part of my lifestyle and is a pastime that I enjoy with my husband, who played basketball professionally in Europe. As we introduce our son to organized sports (read about our experience with toddler soccer), I am finding that a sporty style fits well with my mommy schedule.

As soon as he wakes up, my little guy is ready to play! Whether we're at the playground or running errands, mommy duty keeps me on my toes. When it comes to comfortable and stylish footwear, I am a huge fan of the Asics Onitsuka Tiger line. They come in a wide selection of colors and are easy to pair with khakis, simple solid colored sundresses, or sporty chic tracksuits. Some of my favorite brands are Hummel and Ellesse, which I always stock up on when we travel to the Balkans.

Defining my mommy style has been sort of like spicing up a favorite recipe and like most good dishes, there's always room for a dash of inspiration. What's your mommy style?