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Why We're "Happy" about Colgate Minions Mild Bubble Fruit Toothpaste

Just typing in the text "Happy" makes me smile:-) I've been a long time fan of Pharrell dating back to when I was fresh out of Princeton, working in New York City at MTV Networks and he was producing Hip-Hop tracks for Jay-Z as one half of The Neptunes duo. However, I honestly had no idea that the song was the theme of the second round Minions showcased movie: Despicable Me 2
It was my 3 year-old son who clued me in to the Minions. He is drawn to the fun lovable yellow characters and the adventures of the cast that make up their films. At the end of a playdate, when we found ourselves at Build-A-Bear, he wouldn't let us leave without one! So, it was easy oral care bate to get him to brush his teeth when I placed the Colgate Minions Mild Bubble Fruit Toothpaste on the bathroom counter.
Clinically proven to strengthen and protect developing teeth, the Colgate Minions Toothpaste is perfect for young brushers.  The tube stands upright with an easy open flip-top cap to make it easy and fun for kids to brush, and the bubble fruit flavor is a kiddo favorite! Designed for kids age 2 and older, the Colgate Fun Minions oral care collection will help keep your child’s smile bright. Always read labels and use as directed. 

Which Minion is your child's favorite? What's your favorite song on the movie soundtrack? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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