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August 24, 2016

GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win an HONEST Baby Teether!

What's worse than a crying baby? The answer might just be...a teething baby! When my son was teething, it seemed like nothing could soothe him. I wish I'd known about the Honest Baby Teether.
Like most parents, I bought a whole truck load of teething toys to try to provide some relief. My son chewed on everything from gummy toys and wooden trinkets to random findings from his toy bins. He even nibbled on his own toes!
Baby teeth typically begin to erupt around six months of age and although it's a natural process, it can cause infants lots of distress including: crying, increased drooling, sleep difficulty, mild pain, and/or fever (Note: Children with high fevers should be evaluated by their pediatricians.)
There are tons of teething toys on the market. Some are too soft, some are too hard. Some are too big, some are too small. It's a challenge to find one that's just right. The Honest Baby Teether from the eco-friendly Honest Company is a perfect choice for teething babies because it's soothing and durable enough to sustain the biting and chewing that helps to ease teething pain.
The Honest Baby Teether is BPA free and its design is easy for babies to grip and also simple to clean. An added bonus is that it's dishwasher safe and you can chill the teether as desired. Teething can be a difficult time so get your little one the Honest Baby Teether.

As a bonus for our readers, we are offering a GIVEAWAY through August 31, 2016. Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

Watch Now: The Honest Baby Teether Product Review

Many thanks to The Honest Company for sponsoring this Giveaway! All opinions are my own. #Honest #TheHonestCompany #HonestAmbassador 


  1. My daughter is getting teeth on top right now and she's chewing on everything, including my fingers!

    1. LOL! My son did the same! This time will soon pass. Hugs and kisses are the best remedy! Thanks so much for following!

  2. Dishwasher safe 👍🏼

  3. My grandson is just starting to cut teeth and he is miserable.

    1. Oh poor baby! Teething causes much distress. Hope he feels better soon!

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  5. There are many teeth toys in the market for kids, But choosing the best one is so important for them and their growing teeth. You can buy top quality of teething toys for babies at reasonable price.


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