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4 Toothbrushes That Can Make Your Child Smarter

It should come as no surprise that good oral health is connected to better school performance. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) lists dental decay as the most prevalent chronic disease among school age children. It can lead to severe pain, early tooth loss and even affects early child development. Toothaches prevent children from playing with peers and tooth loss contributes to poor nutrition, speech and self-esteem. According to the Children's Dental Health Project, children with poor oral health are nearly three times more likely to miss school. 
Don't let your child fall behind his peers. Visit your dentist regularly and practice good oral hygiene at home by brushing, flossing, and rinsing after meals and before bedtime. Below are a few toothbrushes that can keep your child motivated to get back to school:

1. Doc McStuffins Oral-B Pro Health Stages Toothbrush. The Doc is in! Oral-B Stages grow with your child to lay the foundation for great oral care. 
2. Firefly Starwars Darth Vader Lightsaver Toothbrush. Give your child mystical energies of a Jedi to protect his teeth and the universe.
3. Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Electric Toothbrush. Keep your kids fully charged as they engage with this interactive toothbrush that connects with an educational app. 
4. Crayola Sunstar Gumbrand Neon Toothbrush. Cool colors, a suction cup, and angled bristles make this super fun brush an oral care must have.

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