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8 Oral Care Must Haves for Moms on the Go

It's tough enough just to get out of the house with the kids in order when you're a busy mom. Knowing exactly what you'll need to keep your smile healthy when you're on the go can save you time and keep your breath fresh!  Here's a list of oral care essentials for busy parents. (Note: I included a few extras for the kids!)

1. Your Favorite Toothbrush. If you have your trusted toothbrush handy you're much more likely to use it! After lunch with coworkers or friends, brush away that sugary debris before it has a chance to cause damage. I recommend regular size toothbrushes instead of travel ones because they're easier to manipulate and more effective at removing plaque. Small travel brushes also have shorter life spans and are an extra cost. Savings Tip: Buy your favorite toothbrushes in bulk along with travel cases. Firefly makes kids brushes in fun characters with caps that are ideal for travel.  

2. A Fun Fresh Toothpaste. Most travel size toothpaste are fine but choose one that you can share with the kids to minimize space.  

3. Dental Floss. Those tiny dental floss dispensers are tough to find. Look in the travel section of the oral care aisle or check your dentist "goody bag." The individual flossers are easier to use than the traditional type but may get lost or misplaced. When you're on the move, you want to be able to grab things quickly! 

4. Water Bottle. Fill it up with fluoridated tap water that's been boiled or filtered to remove bacteria. It's not only low on cost and healthy for your teeth but also better for the environment. This is especially recommended for kids as most bottled waters do not have optimal levels of fluoride. 

5. Sugarfree Chewing Gum. Chewing Trident sugarfree gum for 20 minutes after eating has been scientifically proven to fight cavities. When you can't brush right away, chewing gum not only freshens your breath but keeps a healthier environment in your mouth.

6. Lip Moisturizer. Keeping your lips moisturized helps to maintain a good salivary flow, which works against the cavity process. Flavored types like Chapstick or EOS are good choices and Lip Smackers are fun for the kids! 

7. Oral Care Activities. Whether it's a fun App on your mobile device or a storybook, activities that make oral care fun are essential for kids when you're on the go. Our BrightWhites Coloring and Activity Book is perfect for road trips and fun for the whole family!

8. A Sweet Indulgence. Everyone needs a sugar fix! Chocolate melts away easily while chewy candies can stick to your teeth. Keep the kids happy with a pack of M&M's!