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April 27, 2016

Baby Oral Care

Babies should have their teeth brushed twice a day with a fluoride free training toothpaste. 

After the age of two, fluoride toothpaste can be introduced but limited to a pea sized amount. Children must be supervised and taught to spit after brushing to minimize the amount of fluoride consumption. I recommend a baby toothbrush for softness and size. 

In a round buffing motion, brush against the chewing surfaces and along the gum line. The gums should be massaged as well. This is especially important for teething babies. Flossing should be coupled with brushing, which is especially important before bedtime because saliva levels drop when we sleep. Consult with your dentist as needed.

April 20, 2016

Reach Dental Floss

Waxed floss ideal for babies and toddlers because it easily slides between the teeth and softly engages the gums. Baby Teeth are made of the same tissues as adult teeth but are actually more susceptible to decay because of their thinner enamel. 

As soon as the first tooth erupts around six months, baby teeth should be brushed and flossed at least three times a day. When exercised as a part of a three step oral care regimen that also includes brushing and rinsing, flossing with reach can reduce the risk of dental decay. 
Why do we love REACH dental floss?

1. No. 1 selling floss.

2. Easy for kids to use.
3. Reduces cavity risk.

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